Bath Rugby Social Media Monitoring - Live Report

Tain Brae Digital based in Corsham, Wiltshire, has put its social media keyword monitoring and sentiment analysis features to good use by monitoring Bath Rugby. if you want to keep up what is being said across a range of Social Networks, Blogs and News Sites then save the link below.
View the free live report below from the past 90 Days – [expand here]

[iframe src="" width="100%" height="500"]
Note: This report is not indicative of a holistic view of Bath Rugby standing on social media. It only takes into account instances whereby Bath Rugby is mentioned in a range of Social Networks, Blogs and News Sites.  Tain Brae Digital does provide options within its social media dashboard to further enhance data quality with the ability to add inclusion or exclusion filters into mention results using standard search operators. Sentiment analysis is based upon keywords and phrases options exist within the platform to edit sentiment manually if required.   Attribution should be given to  for any republication of data.


Tain Brae Digital transparant_opt_200Tain Bare Digital Social Media Platform enables small and medium-sized businesses to quickly compose and share content, monitor your brand, engage with customers, measure results and reach your audience over multiple social networks through one single dashboard. You can find out more about Tain Brae Digital here