Why Rugby Player Insurance is Imperative

Rugby Player Insurance is a necessity that protects us in the event of a major accident while playing the sport you love. We carry car insurance to protect our vehicle and home insurance to protect our house. Same is said for sports such as rugby and other contact sports, as the risk of injury increases due to the physical nature of the sport.

You still may ask yourself, why do you need rugby insurance?

This article will detail the reasons you should purchase rugby insurance, along with the different aspects to consider.

Sprained ankles are a common injury with ankle sprains representing almost 1 in 7 rugby injuries. Between 5-25% of rugby injuries are head injuries, including concussions. In youth aged 10-18 years, 35% of injuries are fractures, of which 24% involve the clavicle.


Rugby Risks

First, we’ll discuss the risks of not having rugby insurance as a player. When playing any sort of sport, you run the risk of injury and with rugby, you run a greater risk of a serious injury due to the contact involved. If you sustain an injury but do not have insurance, you’ll potentially be on the hook for a large portion or all the costs.

Common injuries include shoulder sprains, knee injuries, hamstring strains and ankle sprains.

Another risk to consider if you become critically injured or lose usability of portions of your body due to traumatic injuries. Traumatic injuries can also occur when playing rugby as it involves colliding with other plays, these injuries may involve fractured bones, dislocated joints and facial fractures. For example, if you were to become paralyzed due to a spinal injury and lacked insurance, you would be covering many costs out of pocket. With insurance, you will likely have coverage and additional coverage post incident.

A study in France found the most dangerous position on a rugby field is a hooker.


When shopping for rugby insurance, you’ll first want to understand what you want to be covered. As with any insurance product, there are levels of coverage and the higher the premium the more that are covered.


The first item you’ll want to be covered are the basics, which include essentially any injury you may receive from playing rugby. This can include torn muscles, broken bones and beyond. You’ll rest easy knowing if the event should arise, you’ll be properly covered.


From the basics, some insurance companies will allow you to have a pre-existing condition covered under the insurance policy as well. Depending on the company you go through, you can find this cost effective and bundle costs into one policy.


The final option to consider is the cost of the coverage. While as a rugby player it’s important to have some sort of insurance, understanding the value of your pound is important. Look to find an insurance that covers the necessities at a reasonable cost. Be sure to shop around and find the best deal because you may see other insurance providers offering more for your money.

Other reasons to obtain rugby insurance include if you sustain an injury, your loved ones won’t be burdened with the medical costs. Also, you ensure your financial well being is secure. You can visit AllRugbyWorld.co.uk and find insurance providers to select from. Protecting your physical and financial well being is critical as rugby continues to evolve and grow in popularity.

You can check out the many insurance companies offering rugby player insurance here on the All Rugby World Directory.